Marie Hot Deals

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I am Theresa Sellers a wife and work at home mother. I established Marie Hot Deals in December of 2012, I started selling online, after graduating with my Bachelor in information technology from college and not being able to find work.  I got tired of getting turned down for work. So I decided to start selling items from my house online.  Then, one of my passions: thrift shopping, became a money maker for me. I sell vintage, rare, and new. I take my time to describe each of my items, especially if it is used or vintage. I want my customers to know what they are paying for and getting for their money. I am always ready to answers any questions that my customers have and make it my mission to please each and every of my customers. Like everyone else I am human and I do make mistakes but when I do I go out of my way to correct them and to make them right. I am fair with my pricing, I charge for shipping less than or at the actual price that it costs me. I do not make money from shipping and, most of my items are free shipping.

As a mother that works at home I am always finding new ways to make an income.  I decided to also make a blog that help other moms to get ideas, such as selling items from your own house.   I know that I am not going to make tons of money, but who knows? Maybe I will make enough to pay those couple extra bills.  I am not a perfect writer in fact I am bad at grammar and I have a speech impairment that makes writing hard for me.  However with all the challenges that I have faced in life I will keep on going and I will encounter and conquer more challenges.