Marie Hot Deals was established December 2012, I have been selling online over four years, I like to go out and thrift shopping for rare items. What I am selling today might be gone tomorrow. I love selling all different items online, from vintage to new items. I take my time to describe each of my items, especially if it is used or vintage. I want my customers to know what they are paying and getting for their money. I am always ready to answers any questions that my customers have and I try my very best and make it my mission to please each of my customers. Like everyone else I am human and I do make mistakes but when I do I go out of my way to correct them and to make it right. I am fair with my pricing, I charge for shipping less or the actually price that it cost me. I do not make money from shipping and, most of my items are free shipping.

Background of Marie Hot Deals:

In 2012 after graduating with my Bachelor in information technology from college and could not find work. Getting turn down because of my speech impairment that is cause by my mild cerebral palsy I decided I am not about to give up so open an online store as they call it eCommerce business. I get my items all different places, I love hunting and shopping. I started finding interesting when I was a young child with my Grandmother and mother. I got to all the thrift stores on the weekend to find clothes for my sister and me because my mom did not have a lot of money being a single mother.  I found it interesting with all the items that are in the store. Now I hunt for items to sell online. I do also sell new items that I search at a wholesale price. So I have all different items that I can sell.